29 November 2010


...and it only took three days, a few thoughtful modifications, a perfectly justified amount of swearing, a corresponding amount of ripping out stitches, and voila! I felt slightly mortified by the idea of posing while wearing the dress to illustrate my success, but it just seemed wrong to lead on so many with the promise of something wonderful in one post and then not see it through properly with the evidence in another. In order to accurately realize the "contempory Japanese pattern book" aesthetic, which I think I achieved with a few changes to the pattern, it occurred to me that I ought to appear with some wholly irrelevant object. Since numerous catalogs are now exploiting animals as the accessory of the moment, a subject I grumbled about in my "not inherently interesting" post, the choice was simple. Nepalese yak head to the rescue.
Sexless prison garb you say? Oh well. I like it.

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