31 January 2012

et al...

The last few weeks spent obsessively reading and writing have left me feeling somewhat dislocated, but nonetheless, I have managed to find a few spare moments for a little creative work...

The Hinagiku Hat

The Gossypium cowl

Two posts in one morning are a sure sign 
that I am being enticed by sloth.  

Emil Orlik...

A fantastic course on the Victorian novel has occupied much of my time this month, so, in a modest effort to share something with you during January 2012, here are the illustrations from my copy of Lafcadio Hearn's Lotos, beautifully illustrated by Czech printmaker, Emil Orlik (1870 - 1932).

Japanischer Garten, 1904
Source: Wikimedia Commons

 Still Life with Fruit, Azaleas and Pheasant 1905
Source: findartinfo.com

More information and many more magnificent examples of Orlik's work can be found here.