22 November 2010

the bunnies puffy...

Oh yes, that fiber festival you've all been wondering about. Whatever happened with that?  Well, I did find a hank of angora whose enchanting color nearly brought me to tears with its beauty. Perhaps it was the clever lighting enlivening this gorgeous hue; I had to make it mine.

And what to do with it? It was mentioned to me that a hat knit entirely with angora wool would be a hat seldom worn for all the heat it would generate.  During an enjoyable search for the right companion for the bunny puff, I purchased a skein of undyed Romney and Border Leicester wool mixed with alpaca from the really delightful woman who owns Tidal Yarns in Old Lyme, Connecticut. Her yarns were the most fantastic colors: earthy, subtle, sophisticated, and I bought a few more skeins in a shade gently reminiscent of marsh grass.

It knits up very nicely and will be made into a sweater eventually. For now, I must concentrate all attention on a lace scarf made from that intractable Araucania Itata. I have never dealt with a more obstinate yarn. The stitches seem to want nothing to do with one another. They look rumpled and unsettled and wholly unhappy. I am using a Barbara Walker pattern called Vine Lace from her first book, A Treasury of Knitting Patterns. I am hoping a long soak in a sink full of water will convince it that it would be much better off just shaping up to reveal the lovely pattern within.

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