21 May 2011

object :: McCoy Floraline Vase

I recently found this at a thrift shop and couldn't leave without it.  It's a Floraline vase, produced by the Nelson McCoy Pottery in the late 1960's and designed specifically for the florist's trade.  The Floraline line is quite varied, with quasi-Classical urns and elegant tall vases as well as the simpler bowl shapes.  The Floraline esthetic was designed to unobtrusively compliment rather than detract from floral creations.   The configuration of the mark suggests that this vase was made after 1967, when McCoy became a subsidiary of Mount Clemens Pottery.

Here's another example with a slightly darker glaze.  What I love about this pottery is its quite elegant, almost Japanese simplicity.  It's modern, yes, but the uneven glazing suggests a human hand at work.  The glazes are luminous, soft, and soothing and the colors agreeably earthy.  I hadn't planned on beginning another collection, but I think I've been properly seduced. 

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