03 May 2011

cat up a tree, Day 1

Please observe, in the not very special photo above, the cat in the tree. What you cannot properly appreciate, given that I wanted to focus particularly on the poor wee beastie and not the aerie he has occupied, is that he is perhaps 25 feet off the ground. There are no secure limbs within leaping distance, no easy path to freedom. I spotted him yesterday morning at 6:00 A.M. as I walked through a local cemetery and I returned there later in the day to find him still stranded. He's quite a beauty, vaguely Burmese-ish and has indicated no willingness to come down. Given the considerable height of his current perch, his prudence in certainly justified, but one does worry about his well being. His plight attracted the attention of the bus drivers who gather to collect children from the adjacent school. I contacted the Police and Fire departments as well as the Department of Public Works. The chap from the Fire Department explained very nicely that they are no longer in the cat rescue business.
The police claimed that this sort of thing was not in their job description and promised to forward the message to the DPW. They did not do this. The woman at the DPW assured me that no one from the police had contacted their office adding, "We would know, we're all cat lovers here".

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