03 May 2011

cat up a tree, Day 2

As you can see, nothing here has changed. One was hoping for the anticipated rain showers to inspire said kitty to evacuate his nest. But rain has not yet come. Fortunately, the outraged bus drivers from yesterday were still running on outrage. One of them explained that the children who attend the adjacent special needs school were assembled in the school parking lot trying to work out how to get the cat down. The school staff crowded outside with one teacher insisting she would climb up there herself if she had a ladder. Everyone is upset about the cat and all were disgusted that the authorities refuse to deal with it. Certainly, it is possible that under extreme duress-no food, pelting rain, predacious hawks-the cat might summon the courage to get itself down. I contacted a local paper in the hope that someone at the news desk might be willing to cobble together a few words on the matter and the mention might inspire some local heroism. As yet, no one has returned my call.

UPDATE: I contacted the Mayor's office and spoke with a youngish man whose gentle voice and full concern allayed my fundamental suspicion that those in charge of doing things never do.  I explained the situation and  was promised a call back.  This kind public servant contacted someone at the MSPCA and was assured  that cats can endure several days marooned in an oak without access to food or water and will very likely climb down when they feel there is nothing more to be gained by roosting. He suggested, per the MSPCA, that I fashion some tempting tuna balls and pitch them skyward toward the poor creature. I think I have secured for all time a reputation as absurd do-gooder and ninny.

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