21 January 2011

a brief reminiscence on the alphabet...

As a child, I developed a strong affinity for letters.   Because of this, and after a fair amount of coercive pestering, I convinced my grandmother to teach me how to write in cursive.  This new skill failed to impress my kindergarten teacher, however, and she was never kind to me after that.  Inclined to give this matter of the alphabet sincere consideration, I came to believe that "e" had the most cheerful disposition, and in third grade, developed an emphatic preference for vowels over consonants.  In a spirit of nostalgia, I have included here a few of the needlework letters I've enjoyed making, although I note with some concern that the friendly "e" appears nowhere in my small collection of handiwork.  A regrettable oversight.
Though I've yet to create any embroidered monograms, I take inspiration from the wonderful Yuki Pallis Japanese craft book, Initial & Monogram, which may be familiar to you.

hand carved alphabet stamp

    ISBN 978-4-579-11034-6 

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