12 December 2010

an afternoon with Lord Kitchener...

...and Cary Grant (today on Turner Classics in The Bishop's Wife and Room For One More)
 is not a bad way to spend a rainy Sunday.  It's time to seam the socks with that wonderful Kitchener stitch which I enjoyed so much while finishing Teva Durham"s Lace Leaf Pullover that I did it four times! 

I am happy with the Vine Lace scarf despite some earlier reservations.  The yarn finally agreed to cooperate.  Various versions of this appear on Ravelry, but I just picked this stitch from one of my Barbara Walker books and started knitting.  It was a very simple pattern, but I think the results are quite pretty. 

One last knitted gift to go: the famous Bev Galeskas Felted Clogs. 

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