30 October 2010

had I only known...

A fiber festival is coming to town! I learned this just a few days after purchasing some yarn, (some yarn = more than I need and I have a closetful of evidence to prove it), for a few Christmas gifts I have to start working on. I had read Sandi Wiseheart's post about all the good reasons to attend fiber shows and inspired by good reason #1, which amounted to having fun while spending time with like-minded people, a thing I seldom do, I thought I'd search out a calendar of next years' shows and was thrilled to find one taking place next weekend and only a few miles away! I don't regret the yarns I bought, especially the Araucania Itata which I've turned into such a memorable and patience testing tangle, but how can I resist increasing the inventory with some hand-spun Angora bunny puffs?

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