31 October 2010

a few favorite things...

Italian office supplies...

An Indian cattle amulet.
Inside, there's a prayer
for the cow who wore it.

a basket full of my grandmother's lace...

A sea urchin found on Muckle Roe, in Shetland.
A grateful "thank you" to the customs officials
in Sumburgh, Edinburgh, London, and Boston.

A Russian chocolate wrapper...

A box of beetles from Prague...
Tangeriney, the Cat, drawn in the Headmaster's office at Pear Tree Mead,

                the primary school I attended while Mum and I were living in England

        One of my favorite books and one of the best covers of all time.  Given to me
      when I was working with a used book dealer who was kind to insist I take it home. 


...a barn swallow drawn during a brief "Draw One Bird a Day" project.

...an owl jar made by my grandmother. She taught ceramics at the Community Center founded by my grandfather. Ours was the only house around with a kiln and a potting wheel in the basement. I wish I had appreciated how lucky I was at the time and I wish my grandmother were still alive to teach me how to throw a pot.

Happy Halloween!

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Nerissa Nields said...

I love the Italian paper clips! Someone gave me a bunch a few years ago. They are reserved for very special uses only. This is a gorgeous blog!