22 December 2011


I have been beavering away in a veritable Santa's workshop of industry lately, making catnip toys for many of the cats in the neighborhood, finishing Foof's stocking and beginning a knitted hat for myself.  Supposedly, cats can see the colors green, blue and yellow.

Mice - one fat and colorful, one lean and suspiciously ratlike - both looking well and truly dead.

Foof's stocking.  I need to add a tab for hanging then I'm done.  I'm not completely happy with the way I embellished this one - with a line of red soutache running through a strip of vintage tatting.  I think there may be a better alternative. There's still time to change it.

The Hinagiku Hat

 My Neep Heid is complete.  My ambitions to turn it into a Radish Heid were foiled by the overly loud Plum color I had originally chosen.  This was replaced with Mantilla which made it more beetlike, hence, Beetish.

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