04 June 2011


First, one thing needs to be clear: I know nothing about quilting, but I'm fascinated by nontraditional quilt design and some recent visits to contemporary quilting blogs have inspired me to give it a go.  Realistically, I can't qualify my rudimentary efforts as "quilting". Better to call it "patchwork" even though "aimlessly sewing together strips of fabric" is really more to the point.  I have long admired the work of Denyse Schmidt with her use of striking color combinations and seemingly improvisational piecing.  I like that minimal, unfussy look, although I've since learned that her technique is anything but impromptu.

There are two other things that I must admit.  1:  I am guilty of the most strenuous and disabling overthinking.  It's a self defeating tendency I'm determined to exorcise.  2:  I have a substantial cache of fabric that I've collected impulsively without any purpose other than to take home material I really like.   None of it is designed to work together, but I seem to have acquired quite of lot of blue, a habit I'm trying to curb.

Here are my first attempts.   Those of you who are experienced quilters may feel the need to avert your eyes.  But, I have to say, I really enjoyed myself and I'm rather pleased with this first modest effort. 

Postscript : This...is...positively...addictive!

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