08 February 2011


The estimable Gately's takes on Natural History with a few plates of wild creatures, fierce looking for the most part, although the author of this chapter gently notes,

"Inoffensive animals make their appearance in the daytime, while the wild ones go forth at night."

"Many animals seem to have a spirit of mutual benevolence and mutual friendship when remote from the tyranny of man.  Beavers are known to build like architects and rule like citizens.  When man intrudes upon their society, the bond is dissolved, and every animal looks for safety in solitude."
Regrettably, there is no picture of this I.M. Pei of the quadruped realm; a shame, as it's one of my favorite animals.

Extravagant cartouches fill the pages of Gately's.
  Here is one stripped of its flourishes.

Two paper pups from artist Peter Clark in the pages of the latest issue of Selvedge magazine.  Be sure to take a peek at his fantastic website. 

A new friend arrives. 

A lizard puzzle.

French milled soap.

A replacement presenter for Top Gear
Feline motorist in his herringmobile from the Shelburne Museum.

Peppermint Leo

A sincere wish for an early Spring.
My love of flowers compels me to put this here.

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