28 October 2009

our little princess is a star...

... no matter what happens. After a fair amount of goading from my mother, I submitted a photo of Foof to the local paper's Pet of the Month contest in which twelve animals are chosen to appear in an ad during each month of 2010. Three hundred entries were received, Foof was number 99. Aha! Palindromic alphabetically as well as numerically! I was convinced this would increase her chances of being chosen for the next round. I lobbied quietly in her support, but frankly, it didn't really matter what happened. She got her picture in the paper, it was all a bit of fun. Then, Tuesday morning, my mother called with a typically oblique intro, "I have some information for you. Foof made it into the top 50". I confess, I was proud of my girl. The next round is the decisive one.

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