03 November 2008

is it love, or is it Fancy Feast?

Someone is not going to be happy. An increasing dependence on that carb-laden Fancy Feast has turned la belle Foof into a frantic, snack-addicted tubster. My well researched plan for rehabilitating the dear one required a longish investigative visit to Dave's, a local pet food shop. I left with one can of Wellness Beef & Chicken, one can of Wellness Core Something or Other with Peas and Flaxseed, one can of Nearly Raw, But Still Edible Chicken and Other Things, and one can of plain quail for Bob, who has been doing a bit of podging out as well. If success is dependent on determination, then these cats will like their new dietary regime. Day One dosing instructions; a soupcon of new glop mixed in with a modest amount of old glop. Result? She ate it! The whole thing! A modest victory, but a victory nonetheless. Tomorrow is another day.

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